Shade provision for playground equipment and park playground equipment covers, are a priority as these areas involve children playing ‘stationery’ activities. Caution must be given to other playground accessories. The play process revolves around the playground equipment, thus is one of your schools most important areas to be shaded. Adequate playground cover and playground protection must be considered to maximize benefits of shaded playgrounds for your children. The Shade4Schools Fundraising program makes it easy for you to fulfill your school’s shade needs.

When planning for shade using fundraising ideas for shade, major consideration must be given to safety guidelines set for school playgrounds that include ensuring no footholds or grip surfaces are evident. PTA/PTO playground funding is high on the PTA/PTO agenda, and playground shade covers are fast becoming an additional feature of school playgrounds today.

Guidelines to help you choose the right playground shade structure

In line with ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) requirements the roofline of playground equipment structures should allow for a minimum clearance of 7ft. There should be no overhead obstacles 7ft away from the playground equipment’s highest climbing point. It is recommended that the playground shade structures’ height must be kept at this to shade playgrounds being the required minimum to ‘capture sufficient shade quotient.’

Width of playground shade structure
Shade4Schools program will assist PTA/PTO’s with playground equipment shade fundraising ideas, Special attention must be paid to posts that they do not encroach on playground equipment safety zones.

See CAD drawings

Safety pole covers for playground shade structures

Added features include safety pole pads, that are used to cover poles in high traffic areas to protect children from injury. Buy Safety Pole Pads online (safetypolepads.htm)

Protection of Playground equipment

Shade4Schools Shade Structures over playground equipment not only protect children from harmful UV rays of the sun, but also protects your investment of playground equipment. Shade4Schools Playground shade coverings are made from UV stabilized high density polyethylene HDPE and thus are also able to protect your playground equipment from UV degradation. For this purpose Shade4Schools offer better protection than tarps for playground sets, playground awning, playground set canopy or playground canopy from deterioration from the sun because of the Ultra Violet additives in our fabric. Other canopy tops for playground equipment are made from canvas will rot and mildew, but Shade4Schools Shade Structures are warranted for 10 years from rot, mildew and UV deterioration.


Shade4Schools offers a fundraising program to raise funds for Playground Shade Sails. We are able to incorporate fundraising for sun shade with any funding for playground equipment for public schools. Shade Sails are beautiful fabric shade, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they offer fun and innovative methods for playground sun covers. While shade sails enhance your school environment, these pretty sun shades protect your children from harmful UV rays of the sun reducing their risk of skin cancer. Shade sails are manufactured using UV stabilized high density polyethylene HDPE and offer up to 95% UV protection through the fabric shade.

School Architects involved in designing school playgrounds find our shade sails an attractive feature in environmental school design for today.


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Shade structures

Shade structures

Shade structures

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